The Blue Book Series

The 1911-1912 Edition of "The Blue Book," a visitors' guide to San Antonio's "sporting district." The book of advertisements was billed as a "straight steer to the visitor within the gates of the Alamo City, when the lights are turned on" and included a list on available women classified from A to C.

Among the distinguished places these have hung is the Bawdy Blue Room at Zinc Bistro. Unfortunately, the show ended abruptly because of the high rate of theft of the artwork.

The Blue Book ~ No. 1, "See Sallie after the Alamo"

Edition limited to 25 prints, $70 each. Image size:  8 x 5 3/4 inches

The back cover of the 1911-1912 edition of "The Blue Book" reads "For Information of the Red Light District Ask Me. Meet me at the Beauty Saloon."  This image is combined with advertisements, including Sallie Brewer's, from an inside page of the guide to San Antonio's "Sporting District," a red light and an early 1900s' postcard of The Alamo.

The Blue Book ~ No. 2, "Mayor Callaghan crowed at City Hall during the week, but spirited fights could be found just two blocks to the west on weekends."

Edition limited to 25 prints, $70 each. Image size: 10 1/4 x 3 3/4 inches

"The Blue Book's" listings for cock pits on South Santa Rosa Avenue in downtown San Antonio is combined with images of roosters and a period map of the area.

The Blue Book ~ No. 3, "Patent Plugs for Pifflicated People"

Edition limited to 25 prints, $70 each. Image size:  9 x 5 inches

This collage focuses on Billy Keilman's Blue Book advertisement for his "Patent Plugs for Pifflicated People," claiming that "one of these, inserted anywhere in the wall, will bring things to a standstill..."  The ad is headlined "Stop That Merry-Go-Round!!"  The miracle claim of relief for the intoxicated is combined with a period toast on a "Greetings from San Antonio" postcard and a pair of prancing carousel horses.

The Blue Book ~ No. 4, "Go West Young Men"

Edition limited to 25 prints, $70 each. Image size:  9 x 4 7/8 inches

Early 1900s' postcard of some of San Antonio's blue ladies is combined with a period mini-postcard image of "Roll Call at Fort Sam Houston" and a page from "The Blue Book."  The page is headlined "Directory of Houses and Women - Class-A" and lists the names and addresses of some of San Antonio's welcoming women in 1911.

The Blue Book ~ No. 5, "How Billy Helped Men Beat the Blues"

Edition limited to 25 prints, $70 each. Image size:  6 x 6 1/4 inches

Early 1900s' postcard of "Billie Keilman's Horn Palace Cafe and Saloon" is combined with the back cover from Billy Keilman's "The Blue Book."  Copy on postcard reads:  "That Billy misses no opportunity to lighten a man's wallet. Hooks him into his Horn Palace, then gives him his guide to the Sporting District, which lures him to his Beauty Saloon, which, after visiting, necessitates the purchase of Billy Keilman's Patent Plugs for Pifflicated People."

Please bear in mind the website intensifies colors; the actual print colors are much more subtle.

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