Frida y Diego Series

"Kitschen-aide" art seems to have resurfaced in this series of food-related prints focusing on a fascination with the lives of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. Perhaps no artist's image or artwork has been "refried" and sold in as many over-commercialized formats as Frida's. The oft-photographed Frida Kahlo has had her image reproduced on almost everything.

Yet their art and stories remain so compelling....

Frida y Diego ~ No. 1, "Re-Fridas"

Edition limited to 25 prints, $75 each. Image size:  8.5  x 6.75 inches

It is fortunate these pinto beans have yet to be refried because images of Frida Kahlo are found on many of the beans.


Frida y Diego ~ No. 2, "Dieggos"

Edition limited to 25 prints, $75 each. Image size: 8 x 6.5 inches

Images of Diego Rivera are superimposed on eggs. The cracked egg splits a photo of Frida Kahlo and Diego, with Frida's bleeding heart from "The Two Fridas" on the yolk.


Frida y Diego ~ No. 3, "The Original Fridas"

Edition limited to 25 prints, $75 each. Image size:  9 x 6 inches

Now she finds herself tumbling out of a bag of Fritos corn chips - sort of like the famous Jesus Cheeto, known as Cheesus, or the Virgin of Guadalupe on a  tortilla. The official wedding photograph and portrait commemorating the day of her marriage to Diego are split across broken corn chips in the foreground.

Frida y Dieggo ~ No. 4, "Let Go Mi Dieggo"

Edition limited to 25 prints, $75 each. Image size:  8.1 x 4 inches

Frida's hand rests upon Diego's ample mid-section in the photograph superimposed on an Eggo waffle, "Frida's Dieggo Waffled."  The other waffles feature Frida's portrait of her sister Cristina and a portrait of arts patroness, Dolores Olmedo Patino - both among the mistresses of Diego.  Copy reads:  "Each box contains 10 essential images designed to stimulate artistic fervor in any wronged woman."

Please bear in mind the website intensifies colors; the actual print colors are much more subtle.

frida kahlo refried
frida kahlo on fritos
deigo rivera bleeding heart
diego rivera waffled