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Postcards from San Antonio ~ No. 15, "The Original Hilton Sisters"

Edition limited to 25 prints, $70 each. Image size:   5 1/4 x 7 3/4 inches

"Violet and Daisy: San Antonio Siamese Twins" used to have to climb the steep stairs of the Barr Building in downtown San Antonio for music lessons. Vaudeville stars, the Hilton twins were born in 1908 and died in 1969.  Copy: "Hunched over the computer late at night, she shivered as creaking in the hallway convinced her their spirits were once again climbing the steep stairs for their music lessons with Mr. Solari."




Texas History Stories - Page 179, "The Besmirching of the Black Bean's Reputation"

Edition limited to 25 prints, $70 each. Image size:  8 1/4 x 6 inches

A copy of a 1901 print from Texas History Stories rests amidst a sea of white beans in this print explaining Texans' dread of drawing the black bean. In what became known as The Black Bean Episode, 17 Texans from the ill-fated Mier Expedition drew the black beans of the grim reaper. Copy threaded through the white bean stew reads: "Bigfoot Wallace figured the black beans were bigger and successfully plucked a small white one from the pot. James Shepherd drew a black one but played possum to trick the firing squad. But the curse of the black bean was too powerful. James was recaptured and shot."

Postcards from San Antonio ~ No. 18, "Peace be with you."

Edition limited to 25 prints, $70 each. Image size:  5 5/8 x 4 1/2 inches

A late 1800s' photo of St. Mark's Episcopal Church is combined with a photo of its old bell, still suspended below a limestone arch on Jefferson Street.  The copy reads: "They say Sam Maverick forged the bell for St. Mark's from a cannon used during the Battle of the Alamo.  If only the concept proved contagious...."


Postcards from San Antonio ~ No. 19, "Strong roots nourish the church into its next century."

Edition limited to 25 prints, $70 each. Image size:  9 x 6 1/2 inches

A 1912 postmarked postcard of First Presbyterian Church is combined with photographs of the church's stained glass windows. Copy reads: "just sixty years ago, the Reverend McCullough fled for his life from the town he said was 'overrun by a devilish set of men and gamblers.' But the Gospel finally gained a foothold...."

Postcards from San Antonio ~ No. 14, "A Pennsylvania Avenue address does not ensure global vision."

Edition limited to 25 prints, $70 each.

This is a leftover 2004 political collage incorporating a vintage "Texan's Map of U.S.A." postcard atop a rather inflated map of Texas.

Please bear in mind the website intensifies colors; the actual print colors are much more subtle.

bell of st. mark's episcopal church
violet and daisy hilton
stained glass at First Presbyterian
black bean episode
texan's map of the u.s.