gayle brennan spencer

Gayle Brennan Spencer

Gayle Brennan Spencer migrated from Virginia to San Antonio more than 35 years ago, equipped with a degree in international relations hampered by French as a second language.

Following major stints of time with the Paseo del Rio Association creating such meaningful San Antonio traditions as the Mud Festival, she departed to make her living on the computer as a freelance writer.

In August 2004, Gayle returned to the River as Executive Director of the fledgling San Antonio River Foundation working to secure private contributions to complete the San Antonio River Improvements Project. With more than $10 million in pledges received for the project during her final fiscal year there, Gayle decided to stop to catch her breath - even take a vacation or two.

During the past five years, the majority of her freelance writing and design work has been for nonprofit organizations. Her nonfiction book about Max and Minnie Tomerlin Voelcker, Last Farm Standing on Buttermilk Hill: Voelcker Roots Run Deep in Hardberger Park, was released in November 2010. Currently, she is writing the first draft of a follow-up book chronicling life in the early days of the Coker Settlement.

These two publications have slowed progress on her novel, An Ostrich Plume Hat, to a crawl. Sometimes Gayle does squeeze in time for a collage or two and blogging.

To complement Gayle's midlife forays into producing historic fiction and postcard art, her husband Lamar plays lead guitar in a blues band - After Midnight Blues Band. Daughter Kate and husband Cameron live nearby in Austin.

A more professional bio can be found here.